What is Live*Up ?

  • Live*Up is a chatting or messaging web application.
  • This website is very simple in use as anyone can use it.
  • Low data consumption.
  • Easy to run.
  • Attractive designing.


  • You are able to message to your followers.
  • You are able to share or post your ideas, thoughts, or views.
  • You can also make a todolist on your daily basis.
  • You are able to read top headlines
  • Provide a well secure account.
  • Send pictures or photos to  your followers.
  • You are also give your valuable suggestion
  • Registered your problems regarding website  directly to the admin.

Live*Up team

  •  Mohit Chaprana 

                        Founder & Main designer

  • Shashank Sharma


  • Danish Khan


  • Prince Chauhan